Motorist Killed Trying To Overtake Vehicles

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By Tan Weng Han

Jeram (July 7, 2013): A motorist was killed when he tried to overtake the vehicles in front of him. The accident happened at 5.09pm, at the outskirts of Jeram, minutes before arriving at Gopeng toll.
The windows on the bus was speckled with the victim's brain.
The accident took place at a double-lined road. Mr. Rau, the bus driver honked furiously at the motorist but everything happened too fast, the motorist rammed his head accidentally at the bus which was coming in the opposite direction.

The bus was on its journey back to the Perak Campus in Kampar after a learning trip to Kuala Sepetang. There were 25 students of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman were on-board, all of them safe and unharmed.

Shortly after the accident, Ms. Lai Chee Man, the Assistant Manager of the Department of Student Affairs (Perak Campus) immediately ordered the students on-board to follow the second bus of the learning trip which will then escort them safely back to the campus.

The witness of the accident, Tan Meng Khai, 21, however stayed at the spot with Mr. Rao to follow up with the upcoming procedure of the case. “I was shocked, it happened just like that,” he said.

Several witnesses also noted that the male motorist did not wear a helmet when the accident happened and a huge wound opening can be seen at the rear of his head. Also, it could be noticed that the motorist’s vehicle was badly damaged.

By the time of 5.24pm, students had boarded the bus and left the place, the deceased was covered with a white cloth and the police had arrived to control the traffic.

Police arrived to direct the traffic and the deceased victim was covered with a white cloth.

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