Serious collision in Bandar Barat

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By Lee Pei Suang
Photos by Oh Chin Eng

Kampar, October 30 (J-on) – A motorcyclist and its pillion rider suffered serious injuries after colliding with an oncoming black Mercedes Benz on the main road outside Westlake at around 9.10pm yesterday.

The driver claimed that the accident occurred when the motorcycle overtook his car and collided with it. Due to the loss of control, the car crashed into the gate while the motorcyclists were thrown out onto the road.

The Mercedes Benz crashed to the fence while the motorcycle was thrown after the collision

“The motor overtook the car in front and its lights were not switched on at that time,” said the driver.

Both victims, Ng Pei Feng who is Information System Engineering (IA) student and Chiang Wei Shan suffered deep lesions and were sent to Kampar Hospital at around 9.40pm

According to an anonymous source, the victim, Chiang said that the collision happened that the car hit them when attempting to overtake other car.

Benjamin Foo Yik Vai who reached the scene after the loud sound

Benjamin Foo Sik Vai, a third year Advertising student said that he heard the loud sound and he saw the accident from his house.

“I saw the car crashing into the gate,” said Benjamin.

According to Benjamin, the victims were shouting when he reached the spot.

“The victims were lying on the road and there were students who were trying to talk to them,” said Benjamin.

Police force was dispatched to the scene and recorded the accident.

The damaged Mercedes Benz.

According to police, the driver is a doctor in Kampar old town.

The brother of one of the victims, second year English Language student, Chiang Teen Hao gave J-on an interview later in Kampar Hospital.

“I drove as fast as possible to the spot when I was informed, “said Chiang.

The victims were transferred to Ipoh hospital to receive further treatment.

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